Yaron Benvenisti

Software entrepreneur and CEO with a passion for history and archaeology and 25 years experience in building and managing software companies both in the U.S. and Israel. Graduate of the Hebrew University in Economics and History and the UC Berkeley executive program. Currently completing his archaeology studies at Tel-Aviv University.

Sagiv Philipp

Seasoned developer with more than 10 years experience in image processing, computer vision and Augmented Reality with several patents under his belt. Owner of a consulting company in these areas servicing the leading defense and medical device companies in Israel. Graduate of the Afeka Software Engineering program with a master’s degree in mathematics and image processing from the Weizmann Institute.

Dr. Natalie Messika

Experienced freelance professional since 1992 in computerized documentation of archaeological and historical sites specializing in GIS analysis and 3D reconstructions using CAD tools. Among her customers: Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, Nature and Parks Authority, Antiquities Authority and many others. Author of the historical novel “Black Earth” (Hebrew, 2009). Holds a Ph.D. in archaeology from Tel-Aviv University. See for portfolio.

Alon Hetzroni

Accomplished screen based designer, including Motion & Web Design, and an experienced Software/Web Developer, with a passion for fusing the worlds of software development and design. Recently completed a large scale animation project for the “Herod The Great: The King’s Final Journey” Exhibition now showing at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Graduate of Bezalel: Academy of Art & Design in Visual Communication. See for portfolio.

Archaeology Adviser

Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Crouching Pixel Studios

Croucing Pixel Studios

An experienced 3D modelling, animation, and video effects studio based in Israel. Crouching Pixel offers its long list of clients the highest degree of professionalism and extensive industry experience for high-end, sophisticated modelling and animation. See for portfolio.



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