Want to see what the ancient Greeks, Romans, Mayans or Israelites saw? There's an app for that.

Imagine looking at the old city of Jerusalem and seeing the second Jewish temple in all its grandeur superimposed in a life-like way on your mobile camera in real-time. Or walking the remains of the Acropolis in Athens, and seeing it in all its past glory come alive in real-time and taking a picture of your kids next to it. With Architip's technology – this can become a reality.

Architip's core offering is based on our patent-pending libraries of Augmented Reality (AR) software. These libraries allow the creation of real-time, on-site virtual restoration of historical structures, art and exhibits. This core technology will be packaged in a visually-rich and fun design to create exciting mobile apps for visitors to heritage sites.

Architip is currently in beta. First apps will be commercially available on iOS and Android in early 2014.

Jerusalem International Tourism Summit Winner – First Prize – JITS 2013 Innovation competition

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